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hi, my name is mandy and I have two amazing little boys. My oldest son, Ty, has been diagnosed with autism (which is what you will read most about in this blog); I also have Tripp, who is an amazing little brother to Ty (who you will also hear alot about). I was encouraged to start this blog to document our journey through life and life with autism... my world has been rocked in last few years and i have responded in good ways and bad ... but Jesus has gotten me through all of it...

i hope i can be an encouragement to you, and for the friends and family that will read this - maybe this will keep you posted indepth on what Ty is learning! :) and the adventures of Tripp too

thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, comments or smart remarks; feel free to post them.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

free speech isn't all that free

So I'm not the type to back down from a fight, most would agree that I can argue and go toe to toe with just about anybody - or they would at least agree that I think I can and that I will surely not back down until I felt my point has been made and whatever it is I am fighting for has been accomplished.  That being said, I still think daycare sucks and "the system" is trying but it's a joke when it comes to kids with special needs of any kind.
There are people out there who really try and there are people who really care. We have met and we have worked with and still work with lots of people like this, but we have fought to get there.  The past week has been a little crazy to say the least.  There are alot of things I would like to tell you and alot of names I would like to write, and on a bad day I may do just that. Heck if you catch me in public I might tell you what I think. But not here... free speech isn't all that free. Yes I can say what I want but then "someone" may or may not agree with it and then ... well thats just something i'd rather not waste my time on at the moment...
I have bigger battles and I would rather my attention be focussed on the task at hand - my boys.  Ty is the reason I started this blog and I will continue to fight for everything he needs and if my name becomes mud because of it I really don't care.  I won't stand by knowing that there are educators and care givers who only want to do enough to get by, please if you are reading this and debating on a career in the world of a special needs child or individual or a job caring for any living individual - but are only doing it for the money or recognition.... please don't do it... if you don't love kids, if you don't love people.... don't assume this is easy - you need to be a strong person mentally, at times physically strong, you have to be patient, slow to anger, you have to have a huge heart, etc.... if you are lacking in any of these I don't mean to sound harsh. But please consider a new career or job, don't passively assist children who seek for every inch of you and who need not only your full and undivided attention but who also need a place in your heart. Children are gifts from God and they should be cherished, every child, even those that are hard to understand.

We are still searching for someone to watch the boys and have a few leads so prayers are definitely appreciated ... thanks for reading

And I appreciate all of the love & support over the past week from all of you! You have no idea how much it means to me and our family! I love yall

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