a little background

hi, my name is mandy and I have two amazing little boys. My oldest son, Ty, has been diagnosed with autism (which is what you will read most about in this blog); I also have Tripp, who is an amazing little brother to Ty (who you will also hear alot about). I was encouraged to start this blog to document our journey through life and life with autism... my world has been rocked in last few years and i have responded in good ways and bad ... but Jesus has gotten me through all of it...

i hope i can be an encouragement to you, and for the friends and family that will read this - maybe this will keep you posted indepth on what Ty is learning! :) and the adventures of Tripp too

thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, comments or smart remarks; feel free to post them.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

therapy therapy therapy!

We have lots of therapy news ... first off sorry for my delay in posting! and here we go ...we had an awesome weekend after thanksgiving with Maria (our ABA friend from FL). Ty slept 12 hours in his own bed the first night she stayed with us, he was worn out from sessions and traveling I think. 12 hours! If you dont know, this is amazing :) especially the fact that he slept in his own bed. Now he hasn't done that again but at least I know it is possible! He did really well all weekend in his sessions and didn't really have any melt downs (his melt downs have never been real bad but the fact that they are even less than typical is great!). He is babbling alot more and has some new sounds "V" and "F" so that comes to a total of 6 sounds! Not olny is he babbling but he is also mimicking sounds and humming to songs. I think he has probably been doing this longer than I was aware of him doing it bc I just assumed he was marching to his own beat when in reality he was singing along but I was to deep in his world to see it - if that makes any since?! We also are going to cut back on some of his vitamins from the baton rouge dr and get a second opinion. If you want to know more about my opinion on this give me a call or send me a message... but there is way to much to get bogged down on his blog:). besides we need to focus on my little man!
Tripp has been an amazing little brother, he is constantly cheering for Ty & pointing out things I miss. For example Ty said ball & I didn't hear it so Tripp came running & cheering for Ty saying 'Ty said ball momma!!! TY SAID BALL! YAY TY TY' as he's clapping & patting Ty on the back which gets ty excited & then he claps for himself; ). I thought that we would have more jealous spouts from Tripp but he rarely gets jealous and is almost always willing & ready to help. Ty lights up when they play together & even tho they are only 2&3 their bond is definitely one of a kind, Tripp is always thinking of Ty in all the little things, it just blows my mind.
Ty has been at the childrens center since September & time has flown by! He had the most amazing teacher & group of therapists and we have learned how to use different techniques to help Ty walk and hold our hands and not run away from us & he is now walking with us to therapy! (he still has his moments where he tries to run but not as often). He also does really well with his shoe box tasks - these are activities that are in boxes & are meant to help him learn left to right work patterns, patience, & lots of fine motor skills. He started out struggling with these and now he just breezes right through. It's amazing the things they can get him to do! One of their goals has been to eventually move him into a class with other kids and they are going to start that transition within the next 2 weeks. I'm sad & excited at the same time bc he had such an amazing teacher & group working with him and they have come so far ... I Know he needs new things & challenges but they were just perfect, so pray that he continues to grow and learn in his transition.
Other things that we are doing at home: we have a fenced in back yard & we are going to start home learning skills (putting up spoons, fixing drinks, helping with laundry, etc) so we will see how it goes!?

We have been getting out much more with Ty & he has been doing really well! Sometimes I feel like people stare at us bc Ty gets very vocal a lot of times, not bc he's unhappy but bc he likes to yell...and some days I ignore the looks, but other days I would like to yank their smirks off their faces... And id like to tell them - that my child does not lack discipline but rather enjoys every minute of every day so back off....now if you would like to join us please do and Ty will most likely give you a hug if our buggy gets to close but if you can't handle it keep your smirks and comments to yourself...I know lots of people think we can't handle our kids but every screaming child in the store could just be full of life or overwhelmed by sensory issues it doesn't mean they should be left at home...sorry to get on that soap box...anyway Ty has hugged random old lady's at target and walmart and few TRU employees, he gets so excited when we walk in the doors of any store! (I think bc they open and close automatically ) it's as if we are walking into Disney no matter where we go...

Well I have rambled plenty tonight thanks for reading!